Go4Set is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project which schools all over the UK are invited to participate in. Torry Academy was lucky enough this year to get sponsorship for two teams to enter. Each team was made up of six S2 pupils and the project was completed over a period of ten-twelve weeks. The groups were given the option of three different challenges to choose from. Both of our teams choose to design and create an eco-friendly classroom.

go4set 1
Both groups spent a great deal of time researching eco-friendly technologies and natural resources of power. This was then combined with their design ideas to come up with how the classroom would look and how these technologies would be incorporated into it. Between them both groups came up with incredible ideas and very creative designs for their classrooms. They not only
had to design the classroom they also had to make a scale model of their classrooms.

Team 1, sponsored by Total, designed a science-based classroom with space for desks as well as a break out area for experiments. They made use of insulation, compost, wind power and natural light.

Team 2, sponsored by
Aberdeen Endowments Trust, created a design and technology classroom with desks, computers and space for technical drawing. They incorporated rainwater harvesting, solar panels, LED lights and recycling.

The prgo4set 1oject ended with a celebration and award day where teams from all over Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray came together to show off their work and present a talk to explain their ideas. They presented several times though out the day to a panel of judges and to students from other schools. The day concluded with prize giving. Both teams received excellent feedback from the judges and Team 1 won the pupil’s choice trophy.

All 12 pupils involved also received their Silver Crest Award after writing a short essay about the experience they had gained from taking part.