Aberdeen Booked! Festival

On Tuesday 30th August, some pupils from 2B1, 2C1 and 2D1 went to Aberdeen Arts Centre to attend an author session as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s outreach programme.  We listened to two authors, Katherine Howe and Lisa Heathfield talk about their most recent books. Katherine’s book was called “The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen” and Lisa’s book was called “Paper Butterflies”.  They told us about how they wrote their books, and what made them write them.  Katherine is really interested in history and her books have a historical fantastical theme to them which means she has to do lots of research. Lisa’s book “Paper Butterflies” developed from something she saw on TV.  She sits down and her books just flow onto the paper.  She doesn’t plan her plot or characters ahead.  Katherine, on the other hand, has very detailed plans for her books before she even starts writing.  It was a really interesting session, and we were able to ask questions at the end.  To finish with, Katherine told us an American ghost story.  We all really enjoyed hearing the authors speak, and hope that it will help us with our creativity in writing.


by Ellie, Toni, Henrijs, Gerhards, Cate, Emma, Wiki and Lauren 2D1