S1 Energiser Day

The Energiser Science event attended by all S1 pupils on Monday 12th December was a massive success. The event was run by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry and led by Amy Coulam from the Smallpiece Trust.

An initial introductory session involved all pupils sharing their ideas about what Engineering is and different sources of Renewable Energy. This learning linked in closely to the current S1 Energy unit being studied by all Science classes.

All pupil teams were then provided with a construction brief (for building their model car) and teams selected their own roles for the remainder of the project.

The overall project involved pupils working in teams of 4 to construct a solar powered car which could be charged to travel a designated distance. Numeracy skills were essential to calculate and/or predict the voltage required for the car to travel the target distance and all teams made good use of the test period to see how effective their car was.

At the end of each of the sessions there was a competition held to see which team could get closest to the target distance and the winners were:

Session 1 (Kinetic Energy Team) Alex McLaughlan, Ethan Henderson, Kamila Bukowska and Johnny Chen.
Session 2 (Potential Energy Team) Elayna Robertson, Liam Sim, Rau Vence

Amy and Mr Dixon complimented all teams on some fantastic group work and excellent answers in the introductory Q and A session.

Well done all – and a huge thank you to all the staff who assisted on the day and in the planning of this event.