Torry Academy Grand Champions!

The Rampaging Chariots Scottish Robotics Games were held at Leonardo UK, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh on Saturday June 10th 2017. It is open to all Scottish Secondary Schools, UK Cadet Corps and other Youth Organisations.

The aim of the competition is to interest young people in the fun of technology and engineering through the construction and operation of a powerful featherweight sporting robot to compete in the Assault Course, Sumo, 2-a-Side Football and Tug of War.

This year there were 33 Schools or Groups entered in the competition and 61 Robots from as far afield as Benbecula (Western Isles) and Luton (Bedfordshire).

Torry Academy are the first team from outwith the central belt of Scotland to win the Grand Champion trophy in the 12 years of the competition.

All teams were provided with a kit (set of component parts) by the organisers and an instruction manual to build a basic standard robot for the competition but from that point any team has the freedom to redesign their robot as long as they stayed within the strict competition rules. They had to ensure that the electronics of the robot were safe, robust and well protected from impact collisions during competition.

The Torry Academy pupils worked independently to carry out their design and construction stage as part of a joint STEM Robotics Club partnership with Robert Gordon’s College, expertly led by David Clark and other Robert Gordon’s College and Torry Academy staff.

The winning Torry Academy robot “Nemisis” was designed to target the Sumo competition with a metal “snowplough” scoop aimed to get underneath the opposing robots and lift them out of the ring. This proved successful until defeat in the final against one of the Robert Gordon’s College robots. The metal scoop was removed and “Nemisis” teamed up with “Little Connor” (the other Torry Academy robot) to win the 2 a side football competition in a penalty shoot-out versus Williamwood High School. The “Nemisis” robot also qualified for the top 8 of the assault course competition out of the 61 entrants.