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Mr J F Scobbie

Miss G Panyova

Mrs U Maksymiuk


Art & Design offers pupils the opportunity to participate and enjoy a wide range of practical and written activities and experiences. The courses are centered around the pupils themselves – their interests, hobbies, environment and at times the pupils are engaged with ‘live’ projects. All courses promote creative thinking, encourages independent thought, initiative, problem solving and the development of personal opinions. Throughout the subject, 3 main areas of study exist : Expressive, Design and Art and Design studies . All year groups, S1-S6 will be exposed to these areas of study. All Art and Design courses seek to promote skills in the presentation of work, the use of media, the use and understanding of the visual elements, as well as the ability to observe and record, to design and show creativity and the ability to respond to the work of Artists and Designers


Pupils are encouraged, in all year groups, to produce ‘a body of practical and written material’ within Expressive and Design study. This ‘folio’ will seek to engage pupils in using practical problem solving and reflective skills as well as communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas effectively when planning, producing and presenting creative ideas.

Pupils are asked to be aware of the works of Artists and Designers, showing a degree of analysis with respect to how they could influence their own work. This culminates in the senior phase where , the need to understand the social, cultural and external influences on Artists and Designers work will become more important.

At certificate level, S4-S6 , as well as internally assessed unit work, will produce a folio of work, ‘added value’ , in both Design and Expressive which will seek to test pupil’s skills in demonstrating further work which shows depth and application of previously learned skills and knowledge.

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