Graphic Comm.

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This course provides the opportunity for pupils to gain and develop graphical skills in both 2D and 3D. It allows pupils to be creative, sketch and technically draw, simple everyday objects and or geometric shapes. Pupils learn a general to approach colour as well as creating and applying renders to a range of manual and computer generated 3D models.


In the junior phase, students will be assessed on the quality of the finished folios they will create throughout the courses as well as their ability in sketching, 3d modelling and rendering. Homework is inherent throughout the various courses and enhance and boost course knowledge of types of drawings, desk top publishing terms, symbols and colour.

At senior level, there are 5 course tasks in national courses that have to be completed satisfactorily in order to pass the course. These tasks cover all the 2D and 3D standards inherent in the course. The standards comprise of manual drawing and sketching techniques as well as computer work . All evidence of the standards covered in the 5 tasks are kept in a ‘portfolio’ as evidence.

The course also sees students complete an added value unit which seeks to test their skills levels further and is presented for national assessment .This accounts for half of their final grade.

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