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English: Learners will develop their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and respond to those of other people.

Work set will always take into account prior learning.

Pupils will be encouraged to work individually, in pairs and in groups to improve their language skills in a variety of situations.

Media: Learners will develop knowledge of the key aspects of language involved in media and the role of media in society.


English Overview: This subject provides learners with the opportunity to develop skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking, which are essential for learning, work and life.

Learners will encounter a wide range of texts in different styles and will learn how to use different styles for effective communication.

As learners progress through the senior phase, they develop an awareness of the complexities of language, a high level of analytical thinking and an understanding of the impact of language.

S3 course

National 3 Course

National 4 Course

National 5 Course

Higher Course


Media: In the senior phase, learners have the opportunity to analyse and create media content, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context (for example, forms of advertising, film production).

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