Business Studies (S3 Course)


Mrs C Henderson

Mr G Hill


This course aims to enable learners to develop:

  • a basic understanding of administration in the workplace and laws affecting employees
  • an appreciation of good customer care
  • IT skills and use them to perform straightforward administrative tasks
  • skills to organise and support small-scale events
  • enterprising skills and use them to explore realistic business situations.


S3 Business Studies

The course includes skills and knowledge at Levels 3 & 4 from various subjects within the Curriculum for Excellence Broad General Education.

The key purpose of the course is to develop pupils’ administrative and IT skills and to gain an understanding of how businesses operate. This will enable them to become an invaluable employee of any business or organisation.

Pupils will:

  • Develop IT skills and use them to perform straightforward administrative tasks – working with word processors, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software and on line research tools
  • Gain organisational skills by planning, arranging and supporting small scale events
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of how businesses operate
  • Develop awareness of the methods businesses use to make sure they meet customers’ needs
  • Develop enterprising skills and learn to think like an entrepreneur by taking part in practical activities in realistic business situations
  • Develop financial awareness – learning how businesses spend money to earn money
  • Develop economic awareness – seeing how the economy impacts on businesses and our daily lives.


Using practical activities, in real-life context, pupils will be involved in learning that will inspire, challenge and motivate them, as well as giving them an insight into the steps businesses take to become and remain competitive and successful.


The course is unique in always developing IT skills in an administration – related context and takes account of emerging technologies. All class work will be carried out using IT and class notes will all be stored electronically


A main feature of the course is the development of enterprise and employability skills – the personal qualities and attributes needed to succeed in business.


Pupils will work on individual and group activities making decisions and taking risks whilst developing a wide range of business / computing skills.

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