Business Management


Mrs C Henderson

Mr G Hill


This course aims to enable learners to develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on business to satisfy our needs and wants
  • an insight into the systems organisations use to promote products and ensure customers’ needs are met
  • enterprising skills and attributes and use them to explore complex, realistic business situations
  • financial awareness through business contexts
  • an insight into how organisations use resources for maximum efficiency and to improve their overall performance
  • an awareness of how internal and external influences impact on organisations.


Business Management

The National 5 Business Management Course builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained in S3 Business Studies and can act as an introduction to the world of business.

The Course introduces learners to the dynamic, changing, competitive and economic environment of industry and commerce. It develops skills in communicating and presenting business-related information, in a variety of formats, to the various stakeholders of an organisation.

The development of skills explicit to the Course will enable learners to succeed in life with determination and the ability to think logically. These skills will support learners in becoming more confident, particularly regarding their own future education and place in the world of work.

Understanding the economic and financial environment in which business operates will help learners to contribute responsibly to society. By encouraging working with others, the Course will help learners to participate effectively in our ever-changing global business environment.

The Course covers a broad spectrum of learning that allows for further progression and depth of study at a later date. It provides opportunities that allow learning to develop in a challenging and enjoyable way. It relates the study of business management to real-life business contexts.

Units include:

  • Understanding Business
  • Management of Marketing & Operations
  • Management of People & Finance

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