Welcome to the Support for Learning Faculty!

Faculty Staff:

Mrs K Makepeace, Principal Teacher (Acting)

Miss J Arthur, SFL Teacher

Dr A Bil, SFL Teacher

Mrs M Forbes, SFL Teacher

Ms C McLeod, SFL Teacher

Mr D Morrison, SFL Teacher

Mr A Osardu, SFL Teacher

Ms D Benton, PSA

Ms L Carman, PSA

Mrs S Craig, PSA

Mrs K Daglish, PSA

Mrs N Esson, PSA

Ms E Maciver, PSA

Mrs G Officer, PSA

Mrs D Rae, PSA

Mrs F Sim, PSA

Mrs D Simpson, PSA

Mrs J Trease, PSA

Faculty Aims

The Support for Learning Faculty is fully committed to raising the standard of attainment of all pupils and to enabling every pupil to achieve his or her full potential in an inclusive environment. The Faculty is a whole-school resource to staff, pupils and parents.

By nurturing and celebrating the diversity of all our learners, we recognise resilience, confidence and self-esteem as crucial elements of successful learning.

As a Faculty, we aim to fulfil 5 roles:

1. Identification and Assessment

Assist Class Teachers in identifying additional support needs.

Liaise with colleagues to clarify those children and young people who are at risk of low achievement and attainment.

Undertake relevant assessments of learning/behaviour in conjunction with others as appropriate.

Provide useful advice and strategies to staff.

Ensure regular follow-up meetings convene.

2. Learning and Teaching

Actively teach alongside Class Teachers to provide all pupils with greater support and enrich the overall quality of learning and teaching.

Plan for and/or teach groups and individual pupils either in the class or in an alternative learning space.

Provide short-term assistance to help pupils catch up on work after a period of illness or absence.

3. Consultancy

Consult with colleagues when developing plans.

Provide advice and guidance to learners, colleagues and parents on the learning and/or behaviour needs and aspects of support programmes for individual pupils.

4. Partnership with Specialist Services

In line with the GIRFEC agenda, liaise with specialist support services including external agencies.

5. Contribute to Career Long Professional Learning

Contribute to colleagues’ professional development through providing training/advice.

Useful information

Click on the links below to access helpful information on a range of matters.

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