Influencers Google Classroom:

Helping your child navigate a route to career success.

It’s a fine line between helping your child make career choices and doing it for them. Influencers Google Classroom (ICG) shares top tips on guiding your child into the world of work.

While child influencers such as parents, carers, or keyworkers have good intention in supporting the children at key stages in their academic career, the simple reality is that in a rapidly changing world, you do not always have the resources to do so successfully.

As your School Careers Adviser I really value your role as Influencers in the careers decision your child will be making; as such I have created this IGC to give you access to information to help you support your child in her/his career choices. I believe by working together with you, and the School we can make an effective team of influencers guiding your child in the right direction to maximise her/his potentials.

Parents, carers or a child’s keyworker with the permission of your child are the only one that can access the IGC careers information, advice and guidance on your smartphone, tablets, or laptop etc.

How you will access the Google Classroom? You will need to login with your child’s Google Classroom username and password. At the top corner next to your child login details you have a plus sign (+), click on it and select join class. Add the code: r9v3lks.

That’s you added to the class you will be able to ask questions and access information resources 24/7 to expand your horizon and network to guide your child into making careers decision.


Sam Soyombo Careers Adviser


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